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SINCE 2001

We have 20+ years experience in engineering designs and fabrication. We have helped 200+ corporations, including several well-known outstanding multinational enterprises, in products designing and production. 


Our products and engineering services can be applied in over 5 industries.​


No minimum order quantity, we accept orders from prototypes, solo customized products to mass productions.



Fabricating accessories compatible with backend IC Test Handler, of both pick and place and gravity feed type:

  • Ceramic Product - Alignment Plate, Lead Support

  • Handler Conversion kits

  • Hand test sockets

  • Golden unit

  • Test sockets

  • Nest 


  • A team of elite engineers to design, develop products, fabrication tools & machines

  • Sustain developments in production and quality procedure controlled under ISO

  • Over 20 years' experience in precision engineering in semiconductor industries

  • Specialty: metal, engineering plastic, and engineering ceramic products

  • Tolerance in microns scale




  • Developing and fabricating your new products ranging from assembled machines to components

  • Sharing our rich experience in launching new products while maintaining market competitiveness

  • Suggesting materials and components with the most suitable engineering performance

Physical structure design
Mechanical design
Electronic design
Material selection suggestion
Surface treatment suggestion
Machinability studies


  • Using elite fabrication technology to build precision parts under a certified quality control system

  • Refurbishing worn out parts with the same functionality and improved endurance

  • Manufacturing products with a large variety and cost-effective solutions

Drawing preparation
Workflow and program preparation
Fabrication tool preparation
Fixture tool preparation
CNC machine setup
CNC machining
Polishing & Cleaning
Quality control processes

3D photogrammetry software solution / 3D CaptureMax

  • All in ONE. Generates stunning and accurate 3D models from a set of ordinary images and/or laser scans with one click only.

  • Ultra-high speed. Process 3D models from 400 photos on a standard laptop in 10 minutes. Low hardware requirements without any performance loss.

  • Support BOTH aerial and close-range. Able to recreate 3D model from small components to the whole city. Covers all the need of most industries.

PCBA fabrication

Paste printing


  • Providing 20+ kinds of surface treatments

  • Including, but not limited to, anodizing, nitrating, hard coating and plating

  • Enhancing performance in terms of endurance, corrosion resistance, appearance, thermal and electrical properties of parts


  • Supported by stable and regular demands from 200+ Customers and supplies from 300+ Suppliers for 15+ years

  • Ensuring lower prices with lower transportation cost with bulk discounts

  • Auditing Suppliers to ensure high quality










We welcome RFQ from prototyping to mass production. 

Please send drawings or your requirements to us via

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