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We foster your initial stage

When the customer's new project is in the developing stage, Compomax strives for our best to work with customers to realize your projects by prototyping and designing.


We have a team of design & application engineers, who are experienced in designing, producing and calibrating automated machine for specific tasks. We offer the following services for your automated machines.

Design and build

  • Our designers and engineers work together to bring your concept to reality, with the consideration and balance on functionality, accuracy, compaction, appearance, durability, manufacturing cost, power consumption and ease of future replacement.

  • Our operators take care of the calibration, testing, packaging and delivery to offer you a total solution​.


  • Our engineers study your machine mechanism on-site, and design refurbishment plan, with the consideration on all the customized and standard parts needed.

  • Standard parts (catalog parts) are purchased under bulk order discounts. Parts of designated brands or cost-effective equivalent/improved parts can be chosen according to your wish.

  • Worn out parts are rebuilt to perform the required functionality. If needed, performance can be enhanced by parts modification on materials/structure.

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