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We tailor up to your requirement

Compomax endeavors to fulfill your requirements in customization of products you desire

Semiconductor industry

Over 15 years, Compomax has been specialising in semiconductor industry:

  • Designing automated machinery for mass production and inspection

  • Fabricating accessories compatible with backend IC Test Handler, of both pick and place and gravity feed type

    • Handler Conversion kits

    • Test Sockets

    • Hand Test Sockets

    • Nest

    • Golden Unit

  • Precision Mechanical Parts

  • Ceramic Product - Alignment Plate, Lead Support

  • Standard OEM Components

standard parts.jpg

Robotic industry

  • Robotics items require high precision and high complexity of components to combine and create. Every minor variation may cause the robots to malfunction. We fulfill your requirements of tolerance to design and customize the components for robotics. However difficult, we strive for excellence to get closest to your requirement.

  • Sponsor HKU robotic team with technical support


Medical Industry

  • Certified to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 - Provides safety and quality at a reasonable cost

  • CNC precision machining, plastic injection molding, laser marking.

  • Perform a vast number of operations, from simple slot and keyway cutting, surface milling and drilling to complex contouring, angle cuts and 3-D surface CNC Milling. Use of materials that are compliance with RoHS.

  • Chromatography

  • Supply precision parts for testing instruments:
    A. Optical fiber probe
    B. Turning parts
    C. Medical mold parts

  • Experienced in handling thermoplastic:
    A. PEEK 
    B. ABS
    C. PP
    D. PC
    E. PE
    F. PVC
    G. PET
    H. PTFE….

  • 4. Metal:
    A. Aluminium
    B. Titanium
    C. Stainless steel
    D. Carbon steel
    E. Alloy...


Electronics industry

  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is one of the core components for electronics devices. Different devices require different designs of PCB with the application from various industries such as telecommunication, automotive, medical, industrial and lighting, etc. We assist customers in designing and customizing the production of PCBs. We support your needs from basic single layer to multilayer, from HDI, to flex PCB.

  • Offer the service of customisable PCB.

Electronics 2.JPG

Aviation industry

  • Engaged in numerous automation projects for aviation companies.

  • Scope include luggage transportation, meal set assembling, warehouse operation.

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